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Who we are

Vynea is dedicated to creating wine tours in Portugal to show you the best that our country has to offer.

Each region has its ex-libris and we took the time to get to know each of the producers we created relationships with. All of the regions are special, whether in its surrounding nature, its gastronomy that is so typical, to wines with unique grape varieties that express themselves in a particular way depending on the region where they are planted.

We want to provide you with a more familiar, authentic and engaging experience. What we want is for you to enjoy it to the fullest and take with you unforgettable memories!

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Our Travel Style

At Vynea, we want to provide you with a real experience and there’s nothing better than going straight to the source. We will take you to places where we would go, where you’ll savor the local dishes and live unforgettable moments by being in contact with the local people and their traditions.


It all started in 2012 with the ambition to make known what exists in the hidden corners of Portugal, the amazing nectars, the typical dishes, the local businesses and the people who develop them.

I used to travel hundreds of kilometers to eat the best snacks and drink the best nectars and found it difficult to accept that the northern part of our country did not have the attention it deserved.


We start focusing on tours for small groups, with unique experiences that amaze clients and professionals in the area. Our work began to generate results and it is in the years that follow that the brand undergoes a period of strong growth, recognized internationally with industry awards, until it was halted in 2020 by factors beyond its control.

Our goal at Vynea is to provide you with the most exclusive and unique experience.

Meet the Team behind Vynea

Yara Pereira - Co-Founder & Co-Owner

Yara was introduced to the world of wine at a young age, since her mother has been working with Port Wine for a long time. Currently, at an individual level, she is connected to several wine related projects. As a Winemaker, she has worked in different countries to better understand the wine industry.

When she returned to Porto, her hometown, she felt that it was important to broaden the horizons of visitors and to involve them in what is the great and rich wine and gastronomic heritage of Portugal. As a Very proud Portuguese, she hopes to be able to customize each person’s trip so that they can enjoy a unique experience.

Filipa Leitão - Tour Guide

Filipa was born and raised in Porto. Despite being a simple person, she is quite extroverted and likes to enjoy life’s small but enormous pleasures: food, wine, friendship, family and travel.

In 2007 she accepted the challenge of moving to the Douro, where she started her journey in the world of Tourism, more specifically in the hotel industry. She stayed in the region for 10 years, where she learned its history, culture, and discovered its secrets and charms, enjoying the contact and sharing experiences with travellers.

Filipa is the perfect guide to let you know all the special corners of the Douro!

Luís Saraiva - Tour Guide

Luís has always enjoyed connecting with people in the many hotels and restaurants where he has worked, always wanting to leave his positive mark on those who have passed through his life. In 2020 he started his journey in the wine tourism industry and joined us to
show you the best and most authentic about Portugal’s culture to our visitors.

His main goal is to involve you in the culture and day-to-day life of wine production and create unique bonds with everyone he encounters, transmitting his passion for Portuguese traditions and the art that is wine production.

Born and raised in Porto, and having visited the Douro Valley several times throughout his life, Luís will be happy to show you one of the most beautiful regions in the North, through his eyes.

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