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Bairrada Region

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About the Region

The demarcated region of Bairrada is located between the cities of Aveiro and Coimbra. Wine production goes back to the 20th century, being the first wine region in Portugal to explore sparkling wine.

The vineyards are scattered in small parcels and the climate is cool and humid, contributing to the production of grapes with high acidity and low alcohol content.

Two approaches are used when it comes to wine production: the classic wines and the “bairrada” wines, in which different national and international grape varieties are used, including chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon and merlot. Between the many existing grape varieties, the most known are Baga and Alfrocheiro (red) and Fernando Pires (also named Maria Gomes in the region) and Bical (whites).

Our Partners

Luís Pato

Nicknamed “The Rebel Producer”, Luís Pato was the first of its generation to bring technical wine knowledge to the company, whose family wine production dates back to the 18th century.

This “non-conformist and pioneering spirit”, inherited from his father, led to the creation of unique wines in the Bairrada region, using revolutionary production techniques: the creation of red wine from destemmed grapes and aging in new French oak barrels.

Caves São Domingos

Founded in 1937 by Elpídio Martins de Semedo, Caves São Domingos are one of the most complete cellars in the Bairrada region to observe the entire sparkling wine production process, from swirling to bottling. 

Initially focused on the production of sparkling wines, over time they expanded their range of products to include old brandies, ‘aguardentes bagaceiras’ and Bairrada wines.

In Caves São Domingos you’ll get to see up close the iconic ancient galleries carved out of the rock where 2 million bottles are stored.

Palácio do Bussaco

Treat yourself to lunch at the renowned Palácio do Bussaco, which since 1917 has been considered one of the most historic and romantic hotels in the world and a place of choice for monarchs and heads of state from all over the world.

At Mesa Real Restaurant, you’ll be surrounded by walls decorated with tiles picturing the “Maritime Portuguese Discoveries”, with a view to the hotel’s french garden while you’re savoring typical portuguese dishes paired with the “legendary Bussaco Wines” and Bairrada Wines.

Quinta das Bágeiras

Quinta das Bágeiras represents the passion of three family generations by the production of Bairrada Wine: grandparents, parents and sons are committed to producing wines with traditional methods, using minimalist winemaking and presenting the wines as they are: with quality, uniqueness and character, expressing “the terroir where they were born”.

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