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Dão Region

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About the Region

Dão was one of the first wine regions to be demarcated in Portugal, as it is surrounded by 4 mountain ranges: a Serra do Caramulo e do Buçaco, Serra da Nave and Serra da Estrela.

These mountains shelter the vineyards from the humid coastal climate, making it a great region for wine production. Located between 400 and 700m of altitude in schist and granite soils, this region’s vineyards are divided in multiple parcels, with emphasis on the white grape varieties Bical and Cercial and the red grape varieties Touriga Nacional and Alfrocheiro.

Our Partners

Carlos Raposo - World Wild Wines

With respect for nature as his philosophy, Carlos Raposo is known in the region of Dão by rhe production of unique and elegant wines, in which the human intervention is very little, always “using the best that nature gives them”. Eternally in love with nature and working in the wine industry for decades, Carlos Raposo continues to put the region of Dão in the map with his wines.

Vale da Estrela

Meet the ancestral art of cheese production in one of Portugal’s highest mountain ranges, Serra da Estrela. In Vale da Estrela Cheese Factory, you’ll get to see the dedication, tradition and hard work of a family-owned cheese factory and understand the process of production of the famous Serra da Estrela Cheese.

Caminhos Cruzados

Born from the love for the Dão Wine Region, Caminhos Cruzados Wine Estate is a family-owned company located in Quinta da Teixuga with about 30 hectares of vineyards.

Embracing the philosophy that life is a series of crossed paths that lead us to incredible destinations, at Caminhos Cruzados, wine production is based on the combination of tradition and modernism.

Julia Kemper Wines

With the wine culture present in the Melo family for 400 years, in Quinta do Convento, wine production is made with ancestral techniques and knowledge passed down from generation to generation. In the year 2000, Júlia Kemper Melo continued her family’s legacy and the practice of natural and organic grape growing. 

The combination of centuries of tradition and sustainability results in “elegant wines with delicious acidity, floral aromas and an incredible texture”.

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