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Douro Region


About the Region

Known for its terraced landscape, the Douro Valley was the first in the world to be demarcated and regulated for the wine production, in 1756, where the famous

This region is known for the production of the infamous Port Wine and the DOC Douro table wines. The Douro Valley is divided into 3 sub-regions: Baixa Corgo, the most humid region with the highest density of vineyards, Cima Corgo, where many of the Port wines are born and where a large number of old vineyards are concentrated and Douro Superior, the driest and least mountainous sub-region of the Douro.

Some of the most known red grape varieties are Touriga Nacional, Tinta Barroca and Tinta Roriz. The white grape varieties include Malvasia Final, Gouveio and Moscatel.

Our Partners

Quinta de Tourais

Mais do que um produtor de vinhos, a Quinta de
Tourais, na mesma família desde 1927, é um
espaço onde memórias de décadas prevalecem,
oferecendo atividades que unem quem os visita:
desde alojamento, a visitas à adega, provas de
vinho e showcooking!

Quinta do Pessegueiro

Managed by men in touch with Port Wine culture since childhood, Quinta do Pessegueiro, acquired by Roger Zannier, is a symbol of modernism and sustainability, not only by the use of sustainable techniques in wine production, but also by the Wine Estate’s avant-garde architecture. With João Nicolau de Almeida as winemaker, knowing the Wine Estate’s terroir in detail is a priority, combining “ancestral techniques with more modern methods of winemaking and viticulture”.

A&D Wines: Quinta de Santa Teresa

Founded by Alexandre Gomez and his wife Dialina, A&D Wines is committed to producing organic wines, using not only organic and sustainable techniques, but also the family traditions from several generations. Santa Teresa Wine Estate, acquired in 2015, fulfils the goal of showcasing A&D Wine’s wines and Douro’s heritage through wine tourism by doing guided visits through the Wine Estate and wine tastings with panoramic views to the Douro Valley and sub-region of Baião.

Quinta do Noval

Producing wine since 1715 and acquired in 1894 by António José da Silva, Quinta do Noval has an important architectural, viticultural and landscape heritage. Its recognition comes from a tragic and transitional era for wine production in the Douro region: with dozens of hectares damaged by a virus, Quinta do Noval is known in Portugal and the world for being the only one in the country that produces National Vintage Port on a small plot of land, from exclusively Portuguese vineyards, originating in Vintage Ports of exceptional quality. 

With 192 hectares of vineyards, Quinta do Noval has also been producing olive oil and DOC Douro wines for several decades, a result from the hard work and dedication of a team that is passionate about wine.

Quinta Seara D’Ordens

Run by the Leite family, Quinta Seara D’Ordens was founded in the mid-17th century and is located in a privileged area of the Douro region, enabling the company to produce wines of unique quality. Combining traditional techniques from older generations and innovating knowledge from younger generations, “family” is the centre of the business. In the 1960s, as part of a process to modernise the company, José Monteiro Leite’s three sons joined the business, with the aim to keep Quinta Seara D’Ordens on the map.

Quinta da Gaivosa (Alves de Sousa)

Following a 5-generation family tradition, Domingos Alves de Sousa, from the family’s 4th generation, switched his job of civil engineer for wine production for the family’s business, which was a turning point for Alves de Sousa, for until then they had only been dedicated to producing grapes for other Port Wine houses. His extensive training in oenology reflects his dedication and passion for the family business and, to this day, the company’s team is made up solely of members of the Alves de Sousa family, whose wines are produced only with grapes grown on the family’s estates.

At Quinta da Gaivosa you can witness not only where it all began, more than five generations ago, but also the incomparable Douro Hills.

At Quinta da Gaivosa you can witness not only where it all began, more than five generations ago, but also the incomparable Douro Hills.

Wine and Soul

Wine & Soul was born from a couple’s dream to present to the world “wines that express all the character of the vineyards and traditional grape varieties from Douro”: Sandra and Jorge founded the company in 2001. Jorge was raised in Douro and later became part of the 5th generation of Winemakers in the family. Sandra,  who studied oenology, shares Jorge’s passion for Douro, something that is definitely reflected in their daily work.

Quinta dos Murças

Founded in the 18th century, Quinta dos Murças was classified as a Wine Estate where “high quality fortified wines” are produced. Back in the 19th century, this family-owned company did a requalification of their vineyards and wine cellar, prioritising organic wine production, originating in DOC Douro wines of exceptional quality. Today, Quinta dos Murças is part of the “Esporão” group, one of the biggest olive oil and Douro Wine producers in Portugal.

Quinta da Pacheca

Quinta da da Pacheca’s first records date the Wine Estate back to the 16th century. The feminine name “Pacheca” originates from D. Mariana Pacheco Pereira, as the Wine Estate was being administered by her back in the 18th century.

This Wine Estate is one of the most iconic ones in Douro, as it was one of the first to bottle DOC Douro wines in the 70s, having today a wide range of wines and products. At Quinta da Pacheca you’ll be able to not only visit their wine cellar and get to know the process of wine production but also savour delicious traditional Portuguese meals at their restaurants.

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